Who We Are

Our name is Totally Running, but you will find what you need even if you’re not a runner. No matter how you play or exercise, our trained, knowledgeable staff will work to find you a comfortable pair of running shoes. Please come see us if your feet hurt! We carry a variety of widths, orthotics, socks, compression sleeves, accessories, and apparel. You’ll receive a complimentary two-step fitting process. It only takes 5 minutes; no appointment is necessary, and your feet will thank you. We are passionate about running, walking, and fitness and are happy to share our knowledge and encourage you to reach your goals. Totally Running is locally owned and we strive to boost our community’s fitness, self-esteem and self-confidence. We stage local road races, run groups, seminars, and events for all levels. Stop by today and let us get you started on your personal fitness journey!