Two-step fitting process to ensure the best fit

Improper shoe sizing and shape are the primary cause of ingrown toenails, bunions, corns, hammer toes, and hallux valgus. Shoes that don’t fit your feet correctly can also lead to muscular imbalances in the body, opening the door to foot, knee, and hip injuries. Totally Running and Walking staff is trained to use a digital foot scanner and treadmill to do a thorough analysis of your feet and gait.



The unique i-step system is an accurate measure of the three

main fitting points: foot size, arch level, and foot pressure points.

By standing on the i-step for just 15 seconds, we will have an idea

of the best running shoe for your specific foot type.

Running Analysis

We will next ask you to put on a neutral running shoe (provided by us)

and to run for approximately 30 seconds on our treadmill. While you are running we will video tape your stride. We will then put the tape onto our large screen where we will replay your running in slow motion. This shows us whether you are pronating, supinating, or running neutral..

In the proper shoes, your foot is free to move as nature intended.