Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

School may have started but August is the dog days of summer in the North Georgia area.  Average temps in the high 80's/90's with 75%+ humidity adds up to a lot of sweating.  Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day and during any 1 hour+ runs.  


HYDRATION RULE OF THUMB:  3c water for every # lost during a workout

My weekday routine:  

  1. hydrate throughout the day with Tailwind - this is something that requires intentional thought - life gets busy and we forget to hydrate.
  2. eat light protein and carbs - I teach from 7:10 to 2:30 without a break so a meal just isn't possible; cheese, nuts, fruit give me energy without weighing me down or causing intestinal issues.
  3. carry a handheld with water or Tailwind on most runs over 1 hour;I like the handheld because it doesn't interfere with my running motion.

What works for you is personal - come in to Totally Running & Walking and see what you like best.  Consider one of our hydration systems like a handheld or a waist belt.

Water Bottle Belt for easy hydration on your run