Start Where You’re At

"Start where you’re at" Kim HallSix years ago, I decided to regain control of my life. I had recently survived a high-risk pregnancy, gave birth to triplets, completed messy divorce proceedings, and gained an unhealthy amount of weight. While I never sought an official diagnosis, I was also depressed, and did not have the mental focus and energy level I needed to handle the significant challenges in my life.

Customers frequently hear me tell them to, “Start where you’re at,” because six years ago, I realized I had to stop comparing myself to others and just start running. Once I returned to running on a regular basis, I noticed positive changes in my life: my depression ended, I felt and looked better physically, and I had more energy to handle my three rambunctious kids. I feel that anyone can start running as long as he or she gets out there and makes an effort. If you are a beginner, then I encourage you to start slow. In other words build your endurance first and then work on increasing your speed later. My first-hand knowledge of the challenges many people face with running led me to develop a unique concept in racing. I firmly believe that everyone should be able to cross a finish line, so I developed a race concept that is friendly for all levels, and this is why I work extra hard to ensure that my store, Totally Running and Walking, is a place where runners and walkers of all levels can come for support and encouragement. It took me six years to get where I am today. During my journey, I achieved marathoner status and earned my certification as a Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Certified Coach. No matter what form of physical activity you prefer, no matter what your fitness goals are, as this New Year begins, I encourage you to make 2016 the year when you start where you’re at to take control of your life and stay active! For professional advice regarding proper footwear, or to sign up for a local running club or race, please stop by my store, Totally Running and Walking. My knowledgeable staff and I are always happy to help! Kim Hall Owner, Totally Running and Walking