Product INsight: Fool Your Body Into Thinking It’s Training at Elevation

Training Mask for high elevation training

Gas mask? Scuba diver? Firefighter?


None of the above. It’s an elite training gizmo.

Endurance athletes have been known to make use of high altitude training for competitive advantage. High altitudes have thinner less oxygenated air. Training in a region with less oxygen cause the body to produce more oxygen carrying red blood cells to give the body what it needs to fuel it’s muscles. Upon returning to lower elevations the high blood cell production continues for a time period giving the athlete more efficient oxygen and energy flow.

Timing is important and not everyone has the means to travel to Colorado to run at 8,000 feet for a month before the next race.

Now you don’t have to. You can head over to and bring the high altitude home with you. I have not personally tried this out, but if you are curious how it works they have a video that explains it fairly well.

There are some skeptics out there too, so do a little research before you drop the $80. If nothing else, you will be the talk of the town as people see you out running in your…err..gas mask!