Product INsight: Get Faster by Running Slower

Run Tempo App Screenshot

Last week we shared with you the the Run Tempo app. This week I experimented with running at different paces, but with the same tempo 170 bpm.

I maintained the tempo by shortening or lengthening my stride. As I slowed my pace, my steps were shorter and I felt like I was paddling and not getting anywhere. I felt silly moving my legs so fast at such slow pace and I was hopeful that no one was watching me.

The truth is I felt stronger in my run. When I slowed down from the faster pace, I was able to recover faster. I was also able to maintain good form. I have a tendency to sit back and shuffle my feet when I slow my pace down. I’ve noticed that shuffling leads to achy knees the next day.

Keeping the tempo consistent forced me to hold good running posture. Give it a try this week by downloading the app and settng the bpm to 170. If you are not use to running with a higher cadence, good. This will train your body to run faster. Go slow at first and then as you get comfortable lengthen your stride and pick up the pace. Let me know how it goes.

May the beeps be with you.