Product INsight: Two Tools to Help You Run Injury Free

I used to run without regard to my form. I put one foot in front of the other and tried to go faster! While that works, it doesn’t speak to how to run more efficiently and with a lower probability of injury.

Here are the three things that I’ve learned matter most when it comes to improving your running form:

  • Running cadence about 170-180 steps/minute
  • Feet land under your body
  • Tall straight back with a slight forward lean

To help you improve in those areas here are two apps that will help you perfect your running technique. Hudl Technique and Run Tempo.

Hudl Technique is an app that will help you improve your running technique through video analysis. You can record your running technique and then highlight strengths and weaknesses as compared to professional athletes through their drawing tools and slow motion playback.

Run Tempo is a simple metronome that will let you set your run tempo and it gives you audible cues while you are running.